Analysis of Climate Change and Food Security

Space Research Institute NASU-NSAU

Achieved results

  • Remote sensing data and products, in situ measurements on vegetation state, agricultural statistics on crop area, yield and production were collected. The data were pre-processed and harmonized for the integrated exploitation within the project.
  • A regression model for forecasting winter wheat and spring barley yields for Vinnitska oblast was proposed. It was shown that the error of yield forecasting for the whole oblast is less comparing to forecasting for counties.
  • A project website was setup and available online.
  • One article was prepared within the project.
  • NDVI-based regression models for winter wheat yield forecasting were built for each oblast.
  • Relative efficiency of using satellite data to winter wheat yield forecasting was estimated and was up to 1.9 for the Steppe agro-climatic zone.
  • A non-linear model for winter wheat yield forecasting that incorporates climatic parameters was built for the Steppe agro-climatic zone.
  • A progress meeting with the US PI, Dr. Felix Kogan, was held in Camp Springs, MD, USA.
  • The results of the project were also reported and discussed on the following events: (1) EC-JRC CROP CIS technical meeting within GEOLAND-2 Forum (Warsaw, Poland, 13-15 September, 2011); (2) meeting at the Department of Geography, University of Maryland, with representatives from US Department of Agriculture (College Park, MD, USA, November, 7, 2011); (3) 9th Conference on Modern Problems of Earth Remote Sensing from Space (Moscow, Russia, November 14-18, 2011).
  • Second article was prepared within the project.