Analysis of Climate Change and Food Security

Space Research Institute NASU-NSAU


WP4 — “Project Management, Dissemination and Exploitation”
The main goal of activities within this WP is to coordinate day-to-day overall technical and administrative tasks of project partners and to enable and foster transfer of knowledge and results outside the consortium of the project. WP4 will enable and foster intra- and inter-project communications and transfer of knowledge within the consortium. A particular attention will be brought to the communication between Ukrainian and the US groups. Travels to Ukraine and the US will be made during project completion by members of the project. To ensure proper communication and collaboration between Ukraine and US groups on monthly basis such tools as teleconferences, videoconferences (e.g. through Skype) will be used. These will allow us to discuss the progress of the project and achieved results, evaluate deliverables, and to make proper adjustments to the schedule, if necessary, to provide timely reporting and to ensure successful completion of the project. Also, a particular attention will be brought to the communication with other projects and initiatives, in particular with GEOSS, IPCC, dissemination of results on international conferences and workshops, distribution of the developed software and data, as well as communication with potential end-users.
Tasks within WP4 are as follows:
T4.1. Legal and financial issues.
T4.2. Organize meetings.
T4.3. Prepare periodic progress reports and interface for reporting, review meetings and auditing.
T4.4. Project’s website development and maintenance.
T4.5. Foster collaboration with third parties.
Milestones & Deliverables within WP4 (KO = project start, Q = quarter):
D4.1 – KO + Q1: Initial project website (will be updated continuously).
D4.2 – KO + Q2: 1st progress scientific report.
D4.3 – KO + Q4: Annual scientific report (1st year).
D4.4 – KO + Q6: 2nd progress scientific report.
D4.5 – KO + Q8: Final scientific report.
M4.1 – KO + Q4: 1st year scientific annual report (achieved results, publications).
M4.2 – KO + Q8: Final scientific annual report (achieved results, publications).