Analysis of Climate Change and Food Security

Space Research Institute NASU-NSAU


List of all milestones within the project.
First year milestones:
M1.1. Long-term remote sensing and in situ (meteorological and agricultural) data sets systems will be developed, quality control (QC) and putting the data on electronic media.
M1.2. Approximated 30-year regional trends in annual and seasonal climate (precipitation and temperature), vegetation (NDVI and BT) and agricultural (yield and production) parameters.
M2.1. Matching the systems’ components characterizing land cover, atmospheric phenomena near the ground and socioeconomic indicators.
M2.2. Modeling environmental impacts (both satellite and weather data) on grain production for: short term simulations and long term prediction based on climate forcing (ENSO and oscillations).
M2.3. Regression modeling of drought by combining satellite proxy and climate data.
M4.1. 1st year scientific annual report (achieved results, publications).

Second year milestones:
M3.1. Climate variation/change impacts assessment.
M3.2. Early detection of drought-and winter-related losses in grain production.
M3.3. 1981-2010 trend modeling and evaluation of “green-up” effects in regional vegetation.
M3.4. Statistical trend approximation in regional annual and seasonal precipitation and temperature.
M3.5. Estimation of climate-technology interaction and its contribution to yield increase.
M3.6 Diagnoses of anticipated climate changes contribution to food security.
M4.2. Final scientific annual report (achieved results, publications).

Table 1 – Timeline of the project